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An Executive Conference on Capitalism at a Crossroads

The Shift Is Here. Now We Must Lead.

2018 dates coming soon...

Shift Forum brings together a unique group of leaders from small, fast-growth start-ups (NewCos) and Fortune 500 companies (BigCos), together with an array of experts from the policy and regulation fields to discuss how today’s business leaders can navigate the unstable landscape of rapid technological change and regulatory uncertainty. The event invites attendees to participate in a multi-faceted conversation about capitalism at a crossroads. The role of the business in society has never been more crucial, and more in flux and it’s never been more important to get smart on the issues.

Videos of key speakers from Shift Forum 2017 are available at, including Steph Curry, Peter Leyden, John Podesta, Robert Reich, Andy Slavitt and Brad Smith and much more coming soon. Podcasts are available here.

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Our first ever Shift Forum was a resounding success

Hear from some of our invited guests

“The best conferences combine the intimacy of a salon with the pulse of a music festival. Very few conference operators can pull that off but John Battelle has delivered on it consistently over two decades. His latest effort, Shift Forum, explores the challenges with technology, politics, and capitalism and where we go from here. It’s one of the few “must go” conferences out there right now.”
Fred Wilson, Partner, Union Square Ventures

“The NewCo Shift forum was a fascinating set of discussions that drove home the importance of planning for the future of work. It brought together large companies and small, as well as the worlds of investment and non-profit. Truly, a wide-ranging and critical look at how business can drive our country’s development forward, and a great addition to the small list of “must-attend” events in Future of Tech and Society arena.”
Kristin Sharp, Executive Director, Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology

“John Battelle’s Shift Forum was a thought-provoking event that curated a fascinating conversation across politics, technology, innovation, and social issues. Outstanding speakers. Left me wanting more.”
Debbie Hopkins, Strategic Advisor to Startups, Double Chase Advisors 


About your Host

Shift Forum is hosted and produced by John Battelle and the team at NewCo. John is a serial entrepreneur and a founder of the Signal, Foursquare, CM Summit, and the Web 2.0 Summit forums. Read more about John and NewCo.

Featured Speakers

Forum speakers are drawn from the world’s most admired companies and most challenging and controversial academics, journalists, and authors.

Michael Dubin

Michael Dubin

Dollar Shave Club
Anne M. Finucane

Anne M. Finucane

Vice Chairman
Bank of America
Neesha Hathi

Neesha Hathi

EVP, Investor Services Strategy, Segments and Platforms
Charles Schwab
Robert B. Reich

Robert B. Reich

Professor of Public Policy
UC Berkeley & Former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis

Johnson & Johnson
Maya Rockeymoore, Ph.D.

Maya Rockeymoore, Ph.D.

Founder, President & CEO
Center for Global Policy Solutions

Agenda at a Glance

See full 2017 Program Agenda

Editorial Pillars

Editorial Pillars

SHIFT’s program will focus on real world case studies, candid conversations with senior business leaders, and lessons learned.

We seek and embrace actionable insights, we eschew tired bromides. With the help of our Pillar partners, we’ll be unpacking the topics of, Business Transformation, Health, Experience Business, Capital, Policy and that’s just the start!

We’ll be examining each of these topics in depth as well as their intersection with sustainability, climate change and mission driven corporate culture.

If you are interested in creating or supporting a Pillar, please contact us.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation - 2017 Pillar

As the digital age continues to redefine standards for business success, all companies are confronted with the need for change. In order to stay relevant and maintain competitive advantage, companies must be willing to rethink everything – from their go-to market strategy and partners to their mission, purpose and values. A strong digital strategy is critical to bring large scale change to life, and the most successful firms are putting digital at the core of their business strategy. In partnership with Publicis.Sapient, the Shift Forum’s Business Transformation Pillar will explore how the world’s largest and most innovative companies are adopting new technologies, rethinking operations and reinventing the ways they interact with their customers, people and markets.

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It’s one of our most intractable economic, social, and business problems – and while many attempts have been made, so far we’ve failed to truly move the needle in healthcare. Why? Are our incentives misaligned, or might healthcare actually require a new approach to market-based capitalism? What lessons might we all learn from the lessons and case studies so abundant in today’s modern healthcare ecosystem? Our Health pillar will convene policy leaders, startups, and major corporates for a deeper look.

Experience Business

Experience Business - 2017 Pillar

In today’s marketplace, every business must become an experience business. When technology connects and empowers every stakeholder, companies must learn to have meaningful one-to-one conversations with customers, employees and partners at scale. The best Startups are built from the ground up with this assumption but how can the world’s largest companies navigate this shift?  Great customer experiences span the digital and physical world, impacting every touch point – from websites and mobile apps to retail environments and even the buildings we work in.  And digital technologies, driven by the data insights, are the glue that connects these online and offline experiences to create a cohesive company or brand narrative. Shift Forum’s Experience Business Pillar will explore how companies are building compelling customer experiences that reflect and leverage the new realities of a post-industrial economy.

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If we’re going to investigate capitalism at a crossroads, we’d best take a long look at the role of capital and the financial services sector in our economy and our culture.

Eight years into a weak and fragile recovery, what role does capital play in furthering our shared goals? How are the major players shifting their approach to products and services, and what role might technology and policy play in this, the most profitable sector of our economy?


Policy - 2017 Pillar

The policymaking process almost always lags society, and with good reason. But over the past few decades, the pace of technology-driven change has dramatically outrun government’s ability to adapt. At the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, led by our shift to cloud-based infrastructure, leaders in business, civil society, and government must come together to create a new framework for our shared social compact. In partnership with Microsoft, the Shift Forum’s Policy Pillar will explore issues of inclusion, privacy, human rights, and governance in an age of global connectivity.

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Pillar Partners from 2017

Watch Now

Take a sneak peek at Forum speakers’ appearances on our Shift Dialog Series.

Interview: Rana Foroohar, Author, "Makers and Takers"

Apple, Brexit, Uber, Basic Income, Trump and Our Future Economy - This twenty-minute conversation lays out not only the core argument of Rana’s book, but also ties today’s extraordinary social shifts to a long term trend of financialization in our economy.

Interview: Deborah Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer of Citi and founder and CEO of Citi Ventures

Getting Past “Addicted To Being Right” — Bringing The Outside In At Citi

John Battelle Discusses What to Expect at Shift Forum

In one place at one time, we're going to have the leaders responsible for the most important shift in our economy and our society since the industrial revolution


Shift Forum is an invitation-only event.

Thank you to all who attended Shift Forum 2017. If you have a specific request to speak or sponsor future events, please contact To stay informed about future events, please click below to receive updates and announcments.

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Special Thanks

  • Deborah Conrad
    Advisor, Board Member & Mentor
  • Rana Foroohar
    Assistant Managing Editor, TIME, and Global Economic Analyst CNN
  • John Heilemann
    Co-Author of New York Times Best Sellers
    Game Change and Double Down
  • Tim O’Reilly
    Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media
  • Jana Rich
    Founder and CEO at Rich Talent Group
  • Jordan Shlain, MD
    Founder and Chairman, HealthLoop
  • Jenny Stefanottif
    Interim Executive Director, OneProject