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Why You Should Attend Shift Forum

Join 400 of the best minds in business, technology, and policy as we come together for two days of networking and dialog. Shift Forum is not another tech or leadership conference, we encourage attendees to look outside of our own industries and explore a diversity of business and social issues. How are incumbent, established companies approaching change? How are the tech industry’s disruptors forcing new approaches to markets and customers? And how are policymakers balancing the interests of all stakeholders in our shifting society?

At Shift Forum:

  • We will be discussing Capitalism at a Crossroads – a crucial topic at this moment in history.
  • You’ll be among your peers in highly-curated audience to foster cross industry discussion. This is an exclusive event, curated for senior level business, startup, and policy leaders.
  • The list of remarkable and diverse speakers will inspire you and provide actionable takeaways for you to apply to your business
  • We are bringing a unique mix of companies to the table (the largest companies in the world, and the most disruptive)
  • You’ll step out of your industry bubble and learn from a cross-section of leaders from government, business, and beyond.
  • Intimate & candid conversations and presentations (under Chatham House Rule)
  • Everyone in the room is a key stakeholder in these conversations – delegates represent, not just passively listen.
  • John Battelle, a consummate host, has been producing smart forward-thinking events for over 20 years. Other interlocutors will include some of the most intelligent minds of our time, names to be announced soon – stay tuned.