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Why Attend?

Shift Forum is not another tech or “innovation” conference. Learn more about what makes Shift Forum
the one business event you don’t want to miss in 2018.

Be Among Your Peers

It’s like being a guest at the best two-day dinner party. Smart, opinionated people. Unafraid to speak candidly--or shift their thinking. You'll have the opportunity for cross industry exchange and to build new networks.

You Need to Be There

The conference is run under Chatham House Rule. Although some speakers may choose to waive the rule on stage, many will not. That means the most rewarding and candid conversations are accessible to only those in the room. Be one of them.

Not Vertical

You’ll step out of your industry bubble and learn from a cross-section of leaders from government, business and academia with a few surprises mixed in. We need a cross pollination of ideas to reach inclusive and sustainable solutions.

50/50 Gender Parity

Our goal: 50/50 gender parity across our speakers and audience. Wish this wasn’t a bullet point? So do we. But it’s an inherent part of any executive conference. Let’s change that together.

Unique Speakers

Learn and exchange ideas with a diverse set of speakers many who don’t often speak in public. They will inspire you and present takeaways to apply to business and life.

Business Must Lead

Some of the largest actors in geo political conversation are corporations. Participate as a leader in these conversations representing your company and your industry.

The Right Questions

John Battelle thinks in webs. He sees trends across culture, tech and business before the rest of us. A consummate host and convener, he asks the questions everyone wants asked. And he gets answers.

Positive Change

Through our events and editorial - NewCo connect the engines of positive change in society. We bring together the companies, academics and community leaders driving the transition to more positive-impact business ecosystem. Join the Movement.

Rational Discourse

Rational discourse is the missing element in our political discourse. The role of business in society has never been more crucial and more in flux, and it’s never been more important to engage - it's critical to the prosperity of business and society.

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